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    I just painted a new cover for my book Graveyard Shakes! It’s a magenta watercolor dream (or should I say nightmare)! It comes out October 10th 2017!

    Victoria and Katia are sisters who went from rural farm to a fancy boarding school far away from their parents, where their faded, second hand uniforms don’t help them fit in.

    The first day of school Victoria, the bossy bookworm, falls butt-first into a plate of lasagna, and from there, things only get worse. To escape the terrors of boarding school, Victoria and her unruly little sister Katia go to a ramshackle graveyard. Little do they know, underneath the graveyard there’s a secret world filled with ghost, ghouls, and an evil magician. One stormy night, Katia runs to the graveyard for refuge but tumbles into the evil magician’s clutches, and it’s up to Victoria to save her with the help of some unexpected friends. The sisters ultimately discover that it’s better to be yourself and find your own community, than to fit in for being something you’re not.



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