I’m getting in touch with my inner hobo, with her homemade haircut, steel toed boots, and well thumbed paperbacks. Every once in a while I get the wanderlust, to pick up and move on leaving behind all the things and stuff, chasing after the the adrylin rush of a life fully lived.

The unknown peeks out from behind a rock and says “Blergh?”

Well, my inner hobo has a hankering to travel, so I left my apartment and I’m hitching a plane to Nairobi. For the next month I’ll see tea fields in equatorial mountains, a camp of internally displaced persons who still do not have homes after the last violent election, and an orphanage where many of the children have aids. It’s a far cry from Vermont, and that’s just what the hobo ordered.

In the meantime I’ll continue to post. I’ve got a super great comic coming out in 7 days along with a few other little projects. And at some point I will post pictures and drawings from my sketchbook. My fingers are already itching to pick up the old fashioned paper and pen. I hope to do a little good, learn a lot, and come home relatively unscathed.

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