This was one of my best days.
In the violence following the last election in Kenya hundreds of thousands of people were displaced. Some were never able to return home. Each family was given less than $200 by the government to resettle and build a new home. The sum is laughable, but this community came together, pooled their money and bought a small plot of land. With some help from my sister’s non-profit they built 75 mud houses with tin roofs and got a bore-hole drilled to an underground water source.

These mud houses were the cleanest and brightest homes I visited and the people really seemed to care for each other. This is a painting I did from memory of us Mzungus (white folk) and Kenyans taking tea and Kenyan doughnuts in one of the homes. We had spent the whole afternnoon chasing around children and we were grateful for the rest.


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