For me as a freelance illustrator/cartoonist, every day brings it’s own particular delights and dissapointments. Here’s a look at one of my usual days in my studio, aka THE EPIC COMMAND CENTER!

8:20  – I’ve had my eggs and kimchi and it’s off (about 15 feet off) to the studio where I put in about half an hour of drawing in my sketchbook to warm up my brain for the day.

Laura Terry


8:50 I sit down at my computer to finish my last character sketch for a book project I’m working on. For some reason this little guy has been particularly tricky.

by Laura Terry


10:15 I’m satisfied with my work on Little Ghost, so it’s time to move on to the rough draft of the  proposal I’m putting together. For the moment, I’m spending a lot of time writing. Depending on my mood, my writing tends to be either vague and muddy or warm and full of charm. Today, I’m somewhere inbetween, maybe warm and muddy.

1 pm Time for a LUNCH BREAK and I really take a whole hour to make a swamp slime smoothie and watch an old episode of Chopped, which I find strangely mesmerizing. Refueled for the day.

2 pm Email! Update Tumblr! What’s happening on Facebook?

2:20 Back to the proposal. Compile, make notes, move things around. Add sketches where final images will be.

5:20 The Gym. Where I run 3.5 miles! Getting close to my goal. Then dinner and coconut milk ice-cream. mmmmm . . .

7:40 Now it’s time to shake my money maker – I mean, do some commissioned work for which I get paid. Finishing up the pencils.

by Laura Terry


10 pm It’s time for my daily phone call with accountability buddy Katherine Roy, where we spend some time talking about what we’re working on (she’s the rock star of children’s book illustration!) and a little time just goofing around.

10:30 Time to ink!

by Laura Terry


12:00 pm Quitting time. And it’s off to bed after reading a story from Karen Russel’s St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves.

12:40 Pass Out. THE END


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