Best American Comics 2013, edited by Jeff Smith, is finally out. It is full of some pretty great comics from colleagues/heroes, including Joe lambert, Alison Bechdel, Eleanor Davis, and Sophie Goldstein among others. It’s well worth getting your hands on and there are more good things in it than I can mention.

Best American Comics 2013


I am super excited to be among the people chosen for the Best American Comics: the Notable Comics of 2013. Jessica Abel, the series co-editor (along with Matt Madden) writes that after the 50 or so comics are chosen for the anthology then “Matt and I got to make our list of everything else we think comics readers should have read that year. It’s called the Notable Comics list.”

My comic Overboard was chosen to be on the notables list along with a lot of really amazing cartoonists. I’m super-honored to be in such prestigious company.

by Laura Terry

If you want to check it out, you can find Overboard at my store!

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