Valentine by Laura Terry

I used to be a bit of a curmudgeon about Valentine’s Day. First of all, It’s a lot of pressure for people in a relationship. What do I buy my partner? What if we overeat, get gassy. and the night isn’t very “romantic?” And the holiday is even worse if you’re not seeing anyone, because then you feel all alone and bitterly stare at all the adorable couples who coo at each other revoltingly.

That’s why I’ve co-opted the holliday and I’m celebrating non-romatic love, the love between owner and pet. Instead of flowers and roses, this year I’m buying bones. But, if you don’t have a pet, there are a lot of different kids of love to celebrate. The love of good friends, the love of sarcasm about love . . .

But, whatever kind of love you’re celebrating, Happy Valentine’s day!

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