I went to Bethesda last weekend for SPX (Small Press Expo) for one of my absolute favorite conventions of the year. This time I tabled with the illustrious Rachel Dukes and as usual I ended up trading and buying more than my body weight in comics.

SPX 2014, Colleen Frakes, Sasha Velour, Rachel Dukes, Gay Kid, VYM

I am under-selpt, over stimulate, but I’d rather be these nutted-butters than anywhere else.

SPX 2014

Also, I was introduced to “Naked and Afraid” by Mia Onorato, which means that my reality tv habit has gotten that much worse!

SPX 2014 Melanie Gillman and Luke Howard
SPX 2014 Sasha Velour and April Malig
Jon Chad and Juan Fernandez at SPX 2014

Some of the best finds are Jon Chad’s Bad-Ventures of Bobo Backslack and Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor by Lynda Barry that sold out quickly!

There were more great comics in the bunch, but I’m going to be reading through my pile of comics for quite some time.

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