Thanksgiving morning for Laura and Fox begins with a healthy breakfast for Laura, and leftover Chinese food for Professor Fritz Fox. Also, he smokes while eating, very unhygenic.

Thanksgiving by Laura Terry and FoxThe work begins when Professor Fox pulls out Laura’s latest book proposal to correct her unspeakably bad grammar. “Her use of dangling participles is sickening.” Says the Professor.

Thanksgiving by Laura Terry and FoxAfter looking at Professor Fox’s notes and firm exhortations on the importance of transitional phrases, Laura goes to her trusty computer and makes the appropriate edits. Of course, Professor Fox supervises.

Thanksgiving by Laura Terry and FoxThanksgiving by Laura Terry and FoxBut fortunately for all, it’s not a day for working until the wee hours. It’s a holiday! So, Laura and Professor Fox Make a turkey to share with their loved ones.

Fox Thanksgiving by Laura Terry
And as Laura carves the bird with an alarming large knife, she asks Professor Fox, “Now what do you think of my grammar?”

Fox Thanksgiving by Laura Terry
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my human and woodland friends!


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