Here’s a page I drew after seeing a cherry blossom tree in the heart of Williamsburg. Beside the tree was an enormous pile of  petals and for some reason it struck me that I’d never seen anything so sad in my life. I’ve titled the drawing “Weeping Cherry Blossom Tree and Identity Crisis.”sketchbook page by Laura Terry

Finally, it’s warm in Brooklyn. The daffodils are blooming in McGolrick Park and the playground that was desolate for months on end is now full of moms and sticky children. Occasionally I go out into the brilliant sunlight to walk my tiny wise Muffin (a muffin of the poodle variety.) But for the most part I am behind my very favorite desk in my railroad apartment drawing thumbnails.

Graveyard Shakes Thumbnails by Laura Terry

I’m working on the story for my graphic novel with Scholastic – tentatively titled Graveyard Shakes. Although I do love the spring, thumbnailing might be my favorite part of making comics, so I’m having a lot of fun indoors. And if you will, notice the happy face pencil that reminds me either  a) life is absurd and not to take minor heartaches too seriously, or conversely b) the universe is laughing at me.