Over the years, I’ve developed the habit of drawing in my sketchbook every day. Since I moved to New York, my schedule has gotten pretty busy and I have to be creative about making the time to draw for fun. My best new trick to fit in the drawing time is to take my tablet on the subway and draw with a stylus. That way I’m certain to fit something in. But whenever I can, I still sit down for a drawing session with a sheet of watercolor paper and ink. I have a secret life over at Tumblr where I post all the sketches that I draw and never post here on my blog, but here are some of the recent drawings. Fox King t's not always easy to fit the drawing time in, so since I've moved the city, I found a trick, where I take my tablet on the train and draw with a stylus. That way I'm certain to fit something in. But, whenever I can, I fit in a drawing session with ink and watercolor on paper. Redneck Sketchbook Page by Laura TerrySummer Fox sketch by Laura Terry