by Laura Terry


Here is my latest cartoon for King Arthur Flour’s magazine, The Baking Sheet. My mother was particularly happy with this one, bringing back the good old days of cookies and chaos. What can I say, I have very warm melty feelings about my childhood adventures in baking.


by Laura Terry


This month I was particularly inspired by the Baking Sheet assignment, so here are pages from my sketchbook that I made as I pondered home and hearth. Here is my conception (inspired by Charles Dana Gibson’s Gibson Girls) of an American baker at the turn of the 20th century. And how she managed to do so much while strapped down and tied up in the elaborate undergarments of the period, I will never know.


by Laura Terry

Now, here is my modern patron saint of baking- all she needs is a mix, her flip flops, and the joy of baking.

Crumbs by Laura Terry


Oops! Here’s a cartoon I did for delicious King Arthur Flour’s magazine, The Baking Sheet this spring, but forgot to post.


The Baking Sheet

Doesn’t that look delicious? Every time I draw one of these I just go back and think about my baking-filled childhood, only I would be the one under the table cloth eating cookies!