My last few days have been spent, cutting, pasting, burning screens, stapling, folding . . . It’s prep time for MoCCA, the Comic Book Convention sponsored by New York’s Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art.  I have two brand new minis for the event.  Here you see me assembling the little rodent head that my mini, Mornnig Song, fits into.

With luck I’ll see you all in New York, April 9th.


This year was my first MoCCA, and a real hoot.  I had a blast, listened to a hilarious interview of James Sturm about his New book Market Day.  Paul Karasik kept him on his toes, which is not easy to do.  Unfortunately I’m still mulling over the eternal question, who is faster, The Flash, or Superman?


Speaking of Paul Karasik, when he and David Mazzuchelli met up  I nearly melted into a puddle of Awe.  Together with Paul Auster, these two created my favorite and much under appreciated graphic novel, City of Glass.

All in all, New York was a blast.  Gotta love that town.