This month, I award myself the golden paintbrush, for a whole lot of excellent painting. The first project I’d like to unveil is the 1953 Commons Mural for Darmouth College. Myself and the lovely Jen Vaughn brushed the final strokes last Thursday.

Although I’d like to say, that I just showed up with paint, and let the wall “speak to me” as I painted, something like this requires a lot of planning and problem solving. The first wall is a long sloped hallway sorely needing fairy dust. So, with students in the front and the campus beyond, here is the first design.

The next wall that needed painting was for the the Dartmouth Card Office where students go to get IDs made. So, I decided a face matrix of Dartmouth Students would be a great addition to the space.

Once the planning was over, then the real labor started. Step ladders, drop cloths, and gallons . . . and gallons of paint.