August Chase Volume 1 title by Laura Terry

Rob Clough, a writer for the Comics Journal, keeps an intense blog of reviews for art and comics. This month he’s reviewing comics made by creators who have gone to The Center for Cartoon Studies, me being one of those illustrious alumni (who are also considered wizards.)

He wrote a really great review of my comic, August Chase, Volume 1. In it, he gives a better description of the book than anything I’ve managed:

The first chapter gives the reader a lot of backstory without actually dumping much text on them. We know the hunter with the bow is August, we learn that he’s a renegade and hunted by his cruel father, and we know he’s not much of a joiner. By the end of the first issue, his fate gets tied to that of a group of forest adventurers, entirely against his will.

And he is insightful (as always) and I’m pleased that he wrote: “It works because the reader is meant to feel and empathize with all of the relationships in the book: betrayed son, vindictive father, tight-knit group of friends and a general fear of the unknown.”

Volume 2 is on its way.

August Chase Volume 1 by Laura Terry

Kenan Rubenstein gave me a review on his site Festival Season for my latest comic epic, August Chase and he calls me (eh-hem) ” a humblingly talented cartoonist” and my comics “a liminal world of possibilities where undreamed adventures are always beginning.” So, for you Kenan, I twirl my brush with maniacal laughter and say, “Just you wait Mr. Rubentein, and see what happens next. Do you smell what I’m cooking!”


Also, I made this for fun and foolishness. Artistic merit be damned. It’s  my puppy Muffin as a muffin. It’s halloween time kids, time to dream big.

This is a Muffin