Here is a glimpse into my latest project, including a very fat stack of thumbnails. I like to think of writing a story in two ways. There’s the part where I structure the plot, and events together like puzzle pieces and fit them into a three act structure. Then there’s the magic.

I think storytelling and creation is a kind of magic if you do it well, and by doing it well I mean committing to it. When I wake up and go to my kitchen table (my kitchen table is the snuggest place for writing in my house) my kitchen is crowded with everyone I know or have known. They all shout and scream, striptease, and all manner of distracting things. But as I work, they leave the room one by one until I am left alone with the story. On good days, I follow them, leaving the room and only storytelling is left.

Then there is the matter of trying to combine the willfully conscious process and the magic, while trying to keep my sanity. It’s a loosing game, but one I wouldn’t live without.