Photo 1662

Monday, I turned in my thesis packet.  My student life is over, but the real work has only just begun.  Now I have to crank out pages and get my professional life in order.  I’m already hard at work penciling, and I have my next few projects lined up.  But, if the universe grants wishes, here’s mine: dear universe, bring me good paying prestigious career opportunities, and help me be the best cartoonist ever.


Hi all!  Currently I’m sleep deprived and a little giggly.  T-minus 7 days until my senior thesis project for the Center for Cartoon Studies is due.  I’m hoping to crank it out a little early so I can get to work on more comics.  I’m trying to get done early with comics, so I can make even more comics.  At least I have my priorities straight.

Here’s an image of the cover I spent silkscreening last night.  I hope you like it!


important memo: tomorrow is pajama rama, dress accordingly.