To celebrate Darwin Day and  Valentine’s day, here is the evolution of my valentine’s day card. Remember, it’s survival of the fittest.


by Laura Terry

Here is the first sketch I made for my 2012 Valentine card. In years past I’ve been awfully cynical about this chocolate coated holliday. This year despite my single lady status, I am sentimental without irony. The theme I’m going for is big love/ many love. And the way I wanted to go about it was to in some way show the universe full of love . . .

 Holding us in it’s arms.The moon proviedes a frame, a sort of proscenium arch and curtain of night in a theatre of life sort of way. Though I liked the idea, I felt that something was missing in the equation, one layer of information needed to show itself to make the drawing complete. So, I added a surrogate for myself to enfold my homeland and people that I love.

But don’t worry, with all this sweetness out of my system, I have  a feeling next year I’ll be back to farting cupids and more general snakiness. But for now, happy Valentine’s Day everyone!