My desk is a mess right now. It’s covered in stacks of sketches, character designs, reference books and many mugs crusted with coffee-leavings. I’m in the coloring phase of finishing up some comic pages, which happens to be one of my favorite bits.


I’m in the habit of printing out two by three inch thumbnails of my inks and doing a rough color map of the comic so I can play around with how color tells part of the story and expresses a lot of emotional content. Here’s an example, where I’ve written a few notes to myself else I will forget. Then comes the watercolor painting of the final pages!




Oh, we’ve all survived the first week(s) of school and summer is beginning to wear off. I love this time of year. Up here in the North it’s getting cold and the leaves have only just started to change. I am coloring a comic right now with watercolor and basking in the autumn sun. So, here’s something that I drew that makes me happy, and I feel it is very fitting for this time of year.

watercolor by Laura Terry